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Our Team

Our overarching mission is finding ways to enrich students’ educations through several engaging programs and powerful initiatives. Find out about our most popular programs below.  Please get in touch if you have great ideas or if you would like to get involved!

2022-2023 Board Members

President:  Christine Traficante  

Vice President:  Elizabeth Peterson 

Treasurer:  Christie Chapman

Secretary:  Jennifer Pringle

Teacher Representative: Steve Turgeon

Student Representative: TBD


With events like the ice cream open house social, teacher luncheons, holiday cookie drive, Staff Appreciation Week and more, the SHS SPTC works hard to bring exciting events to SHS.  

Scroll through the pictures below to view past events!


Class of 2024 Senior Celebrations Cindy McDonough Franklin & Sarah Brun Gwinn 

Class of 2025 Junior Celebrations 

Monique Restituyo, Melissa Richards & Stacie Windisch


Megan Schuck

Social Media & Webpage

Clare Baroncelli


Melissa Fitzgerald

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